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NEC bioplastics produced from cashew nut shell

NEC Corporation's electronics firms in Japan for the first time announced a resin manufactured from biowaste as the cashew nut shell.

This type of plastic is durable enough for use in electronic devices, NEC hopes to continue research on bioplastics can create a variety of plastics used in electronic equipment in 2014.

According to NEC, the new bio-plastics on the downside is no heat resistance and durability in poor countries like those of other bioplastics are produced from plant cells and castor oil and the like it is be used to produce durable and electronic goods more environmentally friendly, such as computers.

Bioplastics has gained greater attention as a material alternative to traditional plastics from petroleum which contribute to causing global warming and environmental pollution.

However these types of bioplastics manufactured previously produced from food sources should sparked fears about the possibility of food shortages in the future.

In May 8, manufacturers of cosmetics and household goods Procter and Gamble (P & G) has announced the production of packaging friendly environment from plastic derived from sugarcane for the brand Pantene Pro V, CoverGirl and its Max Factor.


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