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Numerous applications of manipulating and repairing molds

Industry mold manufacturing industry is likely to provide effective treatment by laser technology. In particular, laser technology is a method for repairing effectively and achieve the highest quality for the repair process, shaping, molding and welding mass beating.
Laser hardening potentially selective treatment of points on the tool and mold components. In addition, laser technology also allows for the cut, engraved with high reliability for the site through various forms of functional welding, cutting high-tech laser engraving.
Up laser welding technology - Technology onsite repair quality

Repair mold process using laser technology can be done easily on site, minimizing the processing of materials before and after, to help achieve product quality as desired and used immediately after treatment physical. Laser welding surfaces can accurately sample workpiece with high durability and is applied on the surface with a diameter of 0.1 to 0.8 mm.
At the point of welding, heat affected zone is very small, the heating and cooling rapidly, the ability to control the laser energy exactly ... All these factors make heat source on the workpiece material lowest possible form. For sensitive brittle materials, it does not require heating before processing molds.
Optical system design versatile laser can handle custom tilt, even handling the workpiece welding vertical surfaces or narrow spaces without having to rotate or tilt the mold. Up laser welding method is the fastest method, even when the app regularly, this is one of the favorable conditions for manufacturers wishing to repair the broken molds with complex shapes, red acquisition costs, and less time-consuming shipping and repair cost savings arising from the hiring of outside contractors.
South of the complex on the template:
Optical system adjustable rotating lasers can help handle inclined surface in many different angles as vertical planes, sections, deep grooves, ... without having to rotate or tilt the template.
Repairing the surface:
Welding hole filling function (Area-FillTM) is automatic alignment method allows laser welding to the surface covered in 3D space.
South sync:
Fixed distance between the solder points or curves created by the welding process can be handled depending on the speed of operation of the laser axis.
Laser welding technology benefits:
Low input heat source
Needless heated before welding embryos
Capable of repairing minor features
Easy to handle difficult contacts workspace
At influence of heat to the material
Solid structure
Minimize process then (Save Time)
Technology Laser engraving molds

Laser technology gives industry tool manufacturing, mold many important benefits. One of those advantages is its ability to handle non-contact materials, the ability to focus the high beam assist scratchings create durable, not easily damaged or peeling. In fact, the process is not in contact helps reduce the risk of damaging and distorting stereotypes. Besides, by not draining properties of materials, laser technology ensures high accuracy of engraving and carving likely repeat the same series of typical following advantages:
Can be engraved on the work area is difficult to access and embryos carved convex / concave with high accuracy.
Engraved with lightning speed 1500 mm / sec - 30 times higher than compared to previous methods.
Safe surroundings because the laser does not produce toxic substances such as axis engraving methods.
Typical applications:
Cutting and engraving etched on the face around the mold

Laser engraving technology can be applied on almost any surface molds that other methods do not or difficult to implement. With 5-axis positioning control surface carving, engraving laser technology guarantee on any surface types such as cross-site mold or mold around the circle.
3D mold engraving

3D laser engraving is one of the main applications of mold engraving industries. This technology requires carving interface 3D engraving and laser engraving machine is equivalent to transmitting these files. With the complexity of the form template is increasing laser engraving technology is becoming more important than ever.
Custom engraving molds
In the automotive sector, the demand permanently etched parts for the purpose of traceability requires follow the template made available the ability to customize content flexibility, so the mold with internal custom text such as dates, signatures, watermark is generated by the laser technology has completely meet the complex needs of this moment, helping manufacturers can customize the site content quickly from that savings multi-production costs.

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