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Plastic industry: Improve the quality of products to expand market

According to data from the Vietnam General Department of Customs show that from the beginning of the year until the end of the month 5/2013, export of plastic industry has grossed 706.4 million, up 12.23% over the same period in 2012 .

TOP 10 import markets many plastic products, plastic bags of Vietnam including Japan, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Cambodia, France, USA, Italy and Sweden. To this point, the market has to 9/10 achieve turnover of 1 million.

The first 5 months of 2013, export growth of Vietnam plastic products markets slowed somewhat but still achieved positive turnover. In particular, exports to the Japanese market reached 163.6 million, up 17.77% - the market is considered the industry's No. 1 plastics Vietnam. Next, the United States ranked second with 76.6 million, Cambodia 3rd markets, earning $ 60.1 million. In addition to the three main markets mentioned above Vietnam also exported to markets such as Germany (44.1 million); Netherlands (35.3 million); UK (32.7 million); Indonesia 27.9 million) ...

Notably, exports to the Russian market turnover although only 4.7 million, but the market has strong growth, increasing by 221.17% compared with the same period last year.

To date Vietnam plastic products exports are quite diverse, ranging from plastic bags, plastic products used in packaging and transportation, industrial plastic products, plastic household products ... Particularly plastic bags of Vietnam has been in nearly 60 markets worldwide.

According VTIC, now needs plastic products worldwide is growing strongly, especially in the Southeast Asian market, expected to reach $ 100 billion per year. To seize this opportunity, the domestic plastic industry to better improve and compete with China plastic products and India. In Europe, demand for plastic products in Vietnam, particularly the ducts are always high. It is estimated that the EU market will consume about 275 million plastic products this year, up 36.5% over last year. The export turnover of Vietnam's plastic industry in 2013 is forecast to average growth of 11 to 13.5% compared to 2012, reaching $ 2.2 billion.

Regarding market opportunities, according to the Vietnam TC, predicted in the coming months, exports goods of plastic products to the market will return to growth, such as the Japanese market due to demand days the higher the high, 5 months, though exports of plastic products to India just over 5 million dollars but India is considered as a potential market and a promising export product for Vietnam in plastic future. The reason is that the use of plastic products in the Indian industry is expanding, demand for packaging increased, the explosion of infrastructure, agricultural modernization, rising disposable income and the concentration of population in urban areas ... that demand for industrial products and consumer plastics surged. Or as Cambodia 10 years ago as markets plastic products in Thailand, now Vietnam goods rose to dominate. Forecast exports products to market plastic bags will also increase because Cambodia needs the plastic bag of this large market.

In 10 years, exports of plastic products in Vietnam continuous positive growth, increasing competitiveness is enhanced and is one of 10 priority sectors developed State. However at present, plastics are still highly dependent on imported raw materials. Meanwhile, input costs continued to increase, due to competitive factors, the products produced can not raise prices, which many businesses are very difficult in terms of capital, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises. Turnover from exports of these products despite the good growth rates, but in fact, profits are not adequate ...

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