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Is pelleted product which is made  from the mixture of colorants, additive and only 1 resin by using extruder of colorant and additive in general smaller than 10%





Is pelleted product which is made by the method of extrusion from the mixture of colorants, natural resin adn additive. (The content of colorant and additive in general more than 10%). Consist of:  "SFG Master batch" & "FG Master bach".


Semi Finished Good Master Batch:
Is master batch included of: 01 Resin + 01 colorant (pigment/dye) or more than one colorant (pigment/dye)


Finished Good Master Batch:
It's FG Master batch which is produced by SFG Master batch. It's using to sell direct for customer.




We call it “compounds” when the Finished Goods don’t keep original natural resin’s property.
It is made from the mixture of colorants, additive and 2 resin up (or only 1 resin with colorants, additive contents over 10%) by using extruder
They are normally processed in  twin extruders.





Total Products List

Product Function
Corresponding resin
of coloring
Colored Pellet For coloring ABS、PS、PP、PE Adding the function(such as antistatic, outer lubricity and weather resistance) is also possible. 
Master batch For coloring ABS、PS、PP、PE It is possible to correspond to various molding methods, and contributes to cost reduction of customer side
  High content White It ensures good dispersibility of pigment, and contribute to cost reduction by small adding rate of Master Batch
General color It is possible to make various colors according to customer's request
Pearl color It can give luxuly appearance to products,  suites for Container of Cosmetic and so on. 
Low Shrinkage Pigment It improves shrinkage and contributes to solving problem during molding.
Anti Static PP、PE By adding it, can improves di
Permanent antistatic   It's suit for the usage which is required periodically Anti Static ability Ex. Container for electric part 
Conductivity ABS、PP ×
It's suit for the usage which is required higher ability of Anti Static than normal Anti Static condition Ex. Container for IC Chip 
Outside lubricity grant PP、PE It can help smooth running by decreasing coflict between resin with die during extrusion process
Improved heat resistance ABS、PS、PP、PE It can improve heat resistance of products
Improving weather resistance ABS、PS、PP、PE It can contribute for keeping physical Property more longer time against light and weather affection   
Anti-blocking feature   It will prevent the adhesion of the product between the film and the like.
Laser marking function   Special pigments enables printing from internal response to laser light. It is suitable for tamper-proof applications.
Master batch blend ABS、PS、PP、PE Purchases in a state of being mixed with the master batch and the diluent resin is also possible.
Functional compound Various physical properties improvement and reforming     We realize the reforming of more than with the original of the resin properties and nature.
  Filler addition ABS、PS、PP、PE We will realize an improvement of heat resistance and impact resistance and dimensional accuracy.
  Trustee compound PC、m-PPE We can propose suitable grade of Tooling business partners, and provide from us.
Dry color Coloring Compatible with most of the resin We realize inexpensive colored with low additive amount.
(Washing soap)
Molding equipment cleaning PP、PE × We will contribute to the efficiency of cleaning and color change of the various molding machine.